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I provide Business, Market and Product Development, Industry Insight and Know-How for  the TV Content & Infrastructure Industry.

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Global Content Compass 2014 – Trends in Television & TV Distribution

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International TV Distribution: which Route is right?

When you consider your international channel distribution strategy, you usually have...

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Growth Development

I work with you to expand your business; be it that you need to grow your distribution, that you look for M&A targets or strategic alliances, or that you want to develop and launch a new broadcast or TV service.

Market Insight

I have profound knowledge of the international TV & Content industry: this ranges from the technology infrastructure like cable, DTH, telco, etc. to content players both on the seller and buyer side.

Content is Key

My key expertise is around the market of TV Channels & Content. I help you to develop it, to launch, sell, distribute it. And, if you are a TV platform and need content, I assist you in selecting and getting it.