Next to OTT  the idea of mobile TV distribution is what many intrigues in the industry. There are markets in the world, where more people now seem to watch TV over a mobile device instead of sitting in front of a traditional TV set. For one, such markets have a weak traditional TV distribution infrastructure (i.e. no cable, only expensive DTH offers, limited selection of TV channels via Terrestrial). On the other side, these markets have very modern mobile networks and offer their subscribers cheap mobile device and affordable basic plans. But here is also the problem: if you want to watch TV over mobile, it consumes massive data, requires extensive storage space on your device and drains your battery.

How about an app, that does address these issues and has a solution for it?

You do not need to look further: dailyme TV from Berlin/ Germany has the right solution for you. The company already operates successfully since 10 years in the German market. That is already a proof of quality in itself. German engineering is known for its thoroughness, reliability and ingenuity. In addition, Germany is one of the toughest, largest and most traditional TV market worldwide. To make it here is a challenge and provides you with a steep learning curve. dailyme TV made it, though, and operates one of the most widely used mobile AVOD apps and has millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands unique users  – and all the big brand names as their advertising and content partners.

dailyme TV has incorporated all these learnings and experience into a new business segment: They now offer their app and technology to other 3rd parties as a white label app or SDK. With this app, content companies have an extremely valuable and effective tool to reach out to the market directly and to offer their content to the consumer as a mobile app.

The dailyme TV app has a couple of features, that are ideal for markets with limited bandwidth access and heavy mobile TV consumption:

  • A highly developed proprietary Video-to-Go technology platform that enables monetization of video content through advertising but also other forms.
  • Automated wifi-download of up-to-date episodes as a personalized TV / Video program; anytime and anywhere, even without connection to a network. Ensures great stickyness with users.
  • The personal video program is always updated in the background; no episode to be missed.
  • Automated utilization analysis through relevant content engine allows for individual content recommendation and thus high usage and subscriber loyalty.

In addition, the app mechanism compresses the video into a format that is both optimized for reduced storage space and battery consumption while watching.

The app is available as white label product for B2B customers, who plan to roll out a VOD service (mainly for an advertising based or free VOD service), but parts of the technology can also be made available as a SDK to other apps and developers. The app is ideal for markets where data plans are expensive and where people need to rely on occasional broadband access to get their content. It is also perfectly suited for any situation where you want subscribers to download the content for later usage or reference, e.g. when traveling or when in a location with no access to a network (e.g. instruction videos, sports, movies in the car, recipes, gardening, etc). The application is endless in its flexibility and use case.

When dailyme TV asked me a few weeks ago if I would like to partner with them and help to bring this app to the international market place, I did not hesitate. I see great potential for them and want to see them succeed. As the CEO of dailyme TV, Jonathan Daehne, put it: “We feel the time is right for us to grow internationally. Our app offers many functionalities that are ideally suited for mobile-tv-driven markets. In partnering with Christian and Global Media Consult we are very well positioned to help us grow and access the global market.”

Now it is your turn: If you want to succeed with your TV app, then contact me for further information.