Weekends are my time for catching up on things. This past weekend I was listing to some podcasts, doing some chores around the house, checking my financials. For fun, we made a snowman as well.

In the podcast series “The Prof G Pod” of my much-admired Prof. Scott Galloway I stumbled across an episode in which – rather casually and as a side-note – he speculated that we might see Fintech  companies buying into media companies in 2022.

This thought stuck with me: could maybe Shopify buy QVC? Would a visionary bank like Revolut consider something as Bloomberg Media? That a company like Bitcoin could acquire a  gaming media business is more than just obvious. Gamification is a hot trend and the world of cryptocurrencies is literally begging to be using games to merge ecommerce and games.

Hold that thought: Did I also mention that I checked my finances? Well, you know now where this is heading to if you follow the financial markets lately. Lucky me, I have only a tiny, tiny investment in cryptocurrencies. But, wow, did that get even tinier last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, our snowman had a similar fate: temperatures went up again and that mighty mountain of snow has quickly started to become a pitiable small heap of smush, coals, carrots.

It made me think though: if cryptocurrencies are now becoming cheaper, why not consider media buying into fintech? Specifically, media looking for a take-over target in the whole cryptocurrency and NFT segment?

As media company you like start to prepare for the Metaverse and the potential that it holds. You might as well look into NFTs and cryptocurrencies and how they contribute to this next big development.

If I was a media company or a related infrastructure player – say a telecommunication company – I would most definitely scan the market for a good match and see whether this downturn in market capitalization is playing into my hands.

But would you buy a snowman then?
It is gone, an ephemeral product – a dream.
NO, it isn’t: a snowman is more than just its passing apparition. It is a manifestation of its materials. It is water in a different shape, it is the carrot, the hat, the coals, the wooden sticks. It is also the creativity and mastery of the people who build it (ok: do not check on that with our snowman, please).
It is more than just a phenomenon.

Same with cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs etc. You might not get the perfectly assembled snowman if you acquire such a company now. But you get it materials, people and its future.

A merger would be an investment in what a snowman is made of.
It is an investment in its future making.
So, go and buy that snowman.