…and what traditional #media and #broadcast can learn from it.

With almost 5 million views for its first episode, the German YouTube series “7 vs wild” became a huge hit end of last year amongst the German audience of almost any age. The success is proof that there is great talent to be found outside of the traditional TV & Entertainment industry. More even, it is an example of how exciting, engaging and entertaining content is done right. 

The project revolves around 7 “outdoor influencers” from Germany. The creator and producer of the show, Fritz Meinicke, was in Sweden with six of his friends. Their plan: each of them to stay there in isolation for seven days in the wild. Seven people, seven days, seven things. The show’s main concept: Each participant documents his personal experiences with two GoPro cams. The material will then be edited and shown on YouTube over 16 episodes. 

And gosh: that worked pretty well. If you want to watch, check out Fritz Meinecke YouTube Channel . All is looking very professional, well-edited and with the perfect storyline. 

BUT: these are all amateurs. No TV channel, production house or any other sort of traditional video entertainment or documentary expert was involved. Even better: none of the Reality, Documentary, Docu Soap gurus dabbled on this masterpiece. And that is the reason for its success, I believe.

This is true reality TV: with suspense, with all the raw and fine feelings of the participants laid bare. 

  • What are some of the learnings: 
  • There is a massive pool of talents and ideas out there.
  • Influencers & Creators love to do their work independently and with utmost creative freedom: give it to them, and you will be rewarded.
  • Huge sponsorship opportunities are in this type of media creation and virality for non-media brands.