This is an onsite, in-person workshop session at MIPCOM 2022—
—Limited capacity, first come first served—

MIPCOM 2022, Palais des Festival

October 19, 2022 – 10:45-11:45H

Global Media Consult is proud to be selected as one of the contributors to this years’ MIPCOM. We hosting an interactive Workshop session: “Get Ready to Go FAST”.

Everyone keeps talking about FAST, but not everyone has done it yet. Take a seat at this roundtable discussion with Ad-supported-streaming business experts, an informal and interactive session to get educational insights and practical recommendations on why and how to go FAST.
Six roundtables headed by representatives from key players in the FAST TV market have been hand selected by the network of industry consultants from Global Media Consult who host this hands-on workshop.

Table Hosts & Topics:

Table 1: Content & Programming – Publisher Perspective Hosted – Hosted by Stéphanie Meyer, Totalmedia Solutions SA – Co-hosted by Valerio Motti, Fremantle

Table 2: Content & Programming – Platform Perspective – Hosted by Stephan Königfeld, Co-Host: Televisa Univision

Table 3: Advertising & Technology – Publisher Perspective – Hosted by Marco Frazier, Global Media Consult- Co-Hosted by Stefan Van Engen, Xumo

Table 4: Advertising & Technology – Platforms Hosted by Christian Knaebel, Global Media Consult- Co-hosted by Craig Heiting, Wurl

Table 5: Technology & Requirements -Publishers Hosted by Marion Ranchet, The Local Act- Co-hosted by Larry Schwartz, OTTera

Table 6: Technology & Requirements – Platforms Hosted by Janet Greco, Broadcast Projects- Co-hosted by MUX-IP

If you cannot make it to MIPCOM or the session, do contact us: we can help you individually with our expertise on your FAST journey. Our team of experts has profound experience in this matter and we are ready to get you started.

You need a quick start? Why not book our “FAST TV Consulting Sprint”.