In our increasingly digital age, there’s a burgeoning desire to reinvigorate analog experiences—a concept known as the “phytigal lifestyle”. This trend amalgamates the digital and physical realms, where individuals are looking for harmony between technology and tangible experiences. With the pandemic and social media burnout, many are rediscovering pleasures once taken for granted: reading a printed book, indulging in board games, or simply conversing without digital interruptions.

Ironically, while we’ve been bewitched by digital entertainment, there’s a certain nostalgia associated with traditional TV. It evokes memories of simpler times and is a medium that fosters communal experiences, enhancing social bonds.

Television can play a vital role in bridging the phytigal divide. Consider the concept of TV programs driving off-screen conversations, prompting multi-generational engagements. TV businesses need to rethink their identity—not just as content creators, but as entities that intertwine screen experiences with real-world activities. Imagine cooking shows paired with delivered recipe boxes, or series that inspire real-world interactions and challenges.

No wonder the ever so avantgarde Netflix announced recently a move into the analog world. I actually suggested this myself that they have to do a bold move and offer off-screen experiences that are closely intertwined with what they show on screen and with their strong brand. They will open Netflix Houses in 2025, that include shops, restaurants and a kind of club house ambience, that I envisioned in my suggestions for their next big move (See links to this in the comment section)

Further enhancing this phytigal transition are developments in the TV industry like FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) and Retail Media. As they grow, they’re positioned to intertwine digital and analog in meaningful ways. These platforms provide targeted, thematic content, catering to niche communities, further fostering tangible engagements.

As we navigate this phytigal epoch, it’s imperative for media entities to grasp the potential of harmonizing screen products with real-world experiences, crafting a future where digital and physical not only coexist but flourish.

? From envisioning Netflix’s bold move into the analog space to understanding the nuances of FAST and Retail Media, we’ve been ahead of the curve. Want to future-proof your TV venture in this phytigal era?

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