“Be as useful as a tree! Give life to others; be shelter to everyone; grant fruits to all! Be good like a tree!”
— Mehmet Murat Ildan

Dear Friends:
Nestled in a tranquil countryside setting, there is a remarkable walnut tree situated in a snug cove. Since I was a child, I have found serenity in this area, taking in the sight of its expansive branches and collecting the walnuts at its base each year. I was soon astonished to see that this walnut tree had the power to grow an entire forest. Saplings started to sprout up from the soil around it, and with time, the cove became a haven of life for plants, animals and birds. I was worried that walnut trees don’t live as long as some other tree species, until I realised that its legacy would live on even after it was gone. This ancient tree taught me the power of building an ecosystem and that while providing fruits to harvest now, the true miracle is in sowing the seed for a whole little cove and nurturing it for a sustainable future.

This analogy inspired me to build my own little ecosystem this year and bring such formidable new consulting partners into Global Media Consult. It furthermore fostered my philosophy that we shall guide our clients to see the wider concept of an ecosystem and how it benefits them. The idea of more open, trusted connections comes to mind. And finally, that we as a media industry must more often collaborate instead of to compete to ensure the survival of our businesses but also of the industry at large.

With this I thank you, my friends, clients and partners in making this another year of learning & growth and for all the interesting nuts we had to crack in our consulting assignments.

I wish you also on behalf of the entire team at Global Media Consult a peaceful and prosperous holiday season and a bountiful cove of fruits and nuts in the new year.

Ck & the team at Global Media Consult

PS: To continue our tradition of planting trees instead of corporate gifts and christmas cards, we pledged with TREEDOM to plant 50 trees in the name of our clients, team and partners in 2024. Treedom not only plants the trees but supports local communities around the world to use tree farms as a form of income and to build sustainable economies around them.