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Founder & Managing Director

Christian Knaebel

My Mission is to create a world, in which everyone is able and enabled to have a good life.

I created  Global Media Consult as a boutique consultancy for strategy & business development for international TV, Broadcast & Media clients to help bring change for the better in the world.

I am very proud of the high professionalism of the entire team, the ability to work with the customer, taking into account all their wishes and creating sustainable solutions.

My clients include Al Jazeera Media Network, Bloomberg Media, CNBC, Corus Entertainment, Gibtelecom, Koran Broadcasting Corp., Liberty Global, Lyca Mobile, NBC Universal, Netgem, Orange, South African Broadcasting Corporation, Sunrise, Vodafone.

What I can offer you.

My key Expertise & Know-How

Right direction
Having a good sense and talent for providing you focus and orientation.
Loyality & Engagement
Being known for staying with clients for very long and growing a valuable partnership with them.
Full package of Knowledge
Insights into the international TV and Broadcast market build over more than two decades in leading roles.
Finally, it all comes down to get ideas and strategy organised. Having seen so many project and guided clients to success, I know what it takes.

Christian’s key expertise is in strategy and business development both internationally and domestically for Go-to-Market initiatives, product + company launches, TV distribution, TV content & TV channel aggregation and licensing as well as development of new TV business and platforms is well-known and relied on by many clients around the world.

Key Career Background:

  • Founder & CEO, Global Media Consult
  • Director, Central Sales Coordination & CEO Office, Kabel Deutschland (now Vodafone Germany)
  • Head of Project Office –  Liberty Media
  • Director Business Development, International & Sales, wallstreet:online
  • Business Development & Distribution Manager, CNBC Europe
  • Project Manager, CEO Office, GE Health Europe / GE Germany
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