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Julia Laukemann

Julia is an experienced top executive in the media & telecommunications industry who has lead Product Development, Product Management, Customer Experience and E-Commerce in Europe as well as Asia.

During her +10 years at Sky, she pioneered some of the state-of-art services that
have helped transform our industry: During her time at Sky Germany, she developed he world’s first sport live streaming app right in time for FiFa World Cup in 2010 –hen Apple’s iPad had only just launched and OTT as an industry was still in its infancy. She developed and managed Sky Germany’s entire streaming portfolio, including Sky Go and Sky Ticket (today known as WoW TV). And overhauled Sky’s traditional linear pay TV and Set-Top-Box based service into a 4k UHD driven aggregation platform powered by Sky’s own Video on Demand – extending it with the most popular strea

ming apps, integrating services such as Netflix and Spotify and paving the way to what is known today as Sky Q. Being a strong advocate of iinnovation, design thinking and cross-functional organizational learning, Julia also set up and ran Sky’s Start up acceleration program, Customer Experience and set up Sky’s first ESG related “Sky goes green” program as well as Sky’s Kids Sport Foundation.

Duringher maternity leave from Sky in 2017, Julia founded her first digital wellbeing start up My Blossom – which evolved from a holistic mindfulness app into its own TV program on FAST channels as well as a digital health prevention platform. My Blossom today has pivoted into an Online longevity platform, which is launched as L’évive Labs, Southeast Asia’s first digital anti aging clinic.

When joining Astro in 2020, Malaysia’s leading Pay TV company, right at the start of Covid Pandemic, Julia first transformed Astro’s digital sales channel from a website that contributed to below 1% of sales to +10% and introduced all of Astro’s digital (self) service capabilities – by setting up the entire digital team fully remotely, as the pandemic had forced her to remain “stuck” in Germany for almost one year.

Taking over Astro’s entire Product Portfolio, Julia managed to transform Astro’s Pay TV offering from a pricing and packaging model with +80 packaging options to 9 key packages, including aggregating key app players such as Disney, Netflix, iQuiyi and Viu in Asia. To balance the migration of Astro’s legacy customer base, Julia introduced Customer Lifecycle Management through which her team achieved a +90% take up of 24 months contracts and ARPU increase upon moving to the newpackaging model. Julia also headed the relaunch of Astro’s Set-Top-Box, premiumizing the UI and deeply integrating apps into the experience to create Astro’s One-Stop-Shop aggregation platform which lead to a +15ppt NPS uplift of its Pay TV customers. Under her leadership of Astro’s Broadband team, Julia transformed the legacy reseller model into an ISP, launching it as Astro Fibre and setting new innovation standards with Astro Fibre app, allowing customers the full control of their WiFi coverage in their homes. Astro Fibre managed to gain significant market share whilst Malaysia was pushing for Fibre roll out across the country by focusing on upgrading existing Pay TV customers to it – enhancing customer lifecycle and share of wallet. Aside transforming Astro’s traditional linear broadcast only NJOI platform with an app strategy that introduced easy to manage micropayments for no frills & non-connectable households, Julia also introduced a new stand alone OTT streaming service for “Malaynials” today known as Sooka.

Julia holds an MBA in Leadership and Communication from the Technical University of Munich (TU), partly conducted at Columbia University (New York) and USC (Los Angeles) in the US, and a Master in Political Science, Intercultural Communication and Organizational Psychology from the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich with Erasmus studies conducted at the University of Padua, Italy.

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