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Our Philosophy & Approach

We are guided in our work by values.
Our Mission & Philosphy
Making the world better through Media with an Impact.
Our Mission.
We want to change the world
We want to change the world to make it happier and better. We strongly believe that media is a powerful leverage to do so. That is why we guide, support and inspire clients in their media business to succeed, to make an impact.

Media is communication, is understanding. Through media, people are being informed, educated, and entertained. Media can bring change - change for the better.

Creating and using media is a most human trait. That is why we see the human part first. We consider our clients to be our partners. We provide them guidance with respect, trust, and empathy. We want them to excel and make an impact for a better tomorrow.

Some might call us naive; some say we are overly idealistic. We know that making an impact is a daunting task; we know which challenges our clients face. Yet, we believe in making a contribution and enabling our clients to grow their media business. We work on this every day: sometimes in baby steps, sometimes with a giant leap forward.

Media can make an impact. Are you ready to make one, too?

Our Approach: To provide you with orientation and focus in a world with constant disruption and transformation.
Navigate - Define - Grow

Today’s ever changing media industry requires a very flexible approach to develop strategy and operational action plans. We know from decades of experience that a business must be able to act quickly and answer market demands without loosing many years on strategy finding sessions.

Our method is based on the belief that an iterative approach to strategy is the best way to address such an environment. We want to be able to always go back to the beginning if required while at the same time looking at all options. The focus though is always on the human aspect : your customers and your people.

It all starts with helping you to find orientation. You can only navigate your ship, when you know where you are and where you want to go. That is why it is key in that phase to work on your values and see where you stand and how they drive your business and decisions. Good values lead to good decision – and good decisions build sustainability.

We help you to understand your market environment. We use methods such as classic research and benchmarking. Provide you insight and know-how if you are new to region or TV business. We want to be your guide to see where the sea is causing trouble and where you can safe smoothly.

We address a few questions that you might have. How can you position your business in the disruptive TV market, how can you take advantage of new opportunities in innovative TV market, and how can you reduce the risk of launching your TV product or business.

We help you to define a practical and feasible approach to the challenges that your business faces. May it be that we work on a business plan with or a new product concept. We can help you to create a TV channel or platform or how you enter a new market.

We have worked since decades with TV and Media businesses. Hence, we know what works and which actions might just lead into a dead end. It is our job to make sure your positioning and business model is addressing the market requirements and the consumer needs.

When it is required, we also work with you on defining your value system as the underlying linchpin of your business and career.

The focus of our work with you is to help you grow. When you are in the media business, you want to grow because that means having enough viewers, subscribers, readers, users etc to sustain your business. Hence, Growth is such an important focus of our work.

We always will strive to growing your business, your market or your people. That is our key expertise and were we put our attention in working with you.

When we talk about growth it is meant as a healthy, sustainable development of your business or personality. We are not supporters of the idea of preaching growth as the only remedy. Growth as organic and resource-conscious as possible is our mantra.

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