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Consulting Sprint: Fast Lane to FAST TV

Learn from the Experts in the Field.

Consulting Sprint:
Fast Lane

FAST TV is the buzzword of these days and excites many in the TV industry everywhere in the world. After successful years of FAST TV growth in USA, this business model is now coming to other markets.

But do you really know what FAST TV is? Do you understand the implications for your business? How can you use FAST TV to open up additional or new monetization options? And so many other questions are likely on your mind.

We got you covered: the experts in our team have been there and done it. No academic chitchat about what FAST could be; real facts and expertise. This is what we can offer you with our specially designed consulting module “Fast Lane to FAST TV”.

Understanding FAST TV: Our Expertise for your Orientation.
The market segment of FAST and AVOD services is internationally the one with the highest growth potential for the next couple of years. Not since the days when Digital TV was launched have we witnessed a similar opportunity for launching new linear channels and video services.
FAST is an acronym for Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television and AVOD stands for advertising supported Video-On-Demand.
Streaming TV is nothing new, and neither is Video-on- Demand. What is new is the combination with Connected TV and the ability to insert ads along the entire distribution chain of TV. It is now possible to insert individual ads on a selected device -and the ad can even vary depending on the user profile on this device. That makes it so fascinating and attractive for advertisers and it opens the entire market in various dimensions.

The opportunity is now to have much larger advertising spend going into FAST and AVOD. Traditional marketers are already shifting their budgets into this direction. New advertisers will enter the market: a local bakery can now afford to do TV advertising because it can specifically target its local market; a niche product can now do TV advertising because it will be able to get in front of their specific target audience.

More though: content is now getting a better chance to be distributed and into the market. Platforms do not need to go through long and tedious vetting processes any longer to test and decide which new Pay TV audience they address and which channels or content they add. The monetization and investment decision is now in the hands of the content owner and it it resonates with audiences, it will also attract advertisers.

Furthermore, this allows for new players to enter the TV segment by launching their own FAST / AVOD service. Smaller and mid-sized telecom and infrastructure companies can now easily launch their own streaming services. But also branded content and channels are possible by companies who want to create new communication and interaction channels with their consumers.

Our Service: Navigating you through the FAST TV Universe
While it might now sound quite easy to launch and manage a FAST / AVOD service, there are numerous considerations to be considered. Here is where our team of experts at Global Media Consult comes in and guides you through all steps to ensure you have a successful product.

In a concise and comprehensive manner, we bring you up to speed with our Consulting Sprint “Fast Lane to FAST TV”.

We provide you with insights and knowledge from true experts on the matter. People that have been there, done it. Because many people claim to know what FAST TV is all about but have no real hands-on experience. We, however, have been involved in real projects and helped to launch FAST TV offers. Hence, work with experienced people on your FAST TV strategy and understand how it works and what opportunities are coming with it. Get an operational perspective and a kick-start into a new monetization route.

Consulting Sprint: Fast Lane to FAST TV

We walk you through 3 Modules in our Consulting Sprint

Module 1: Intro to FAST TV
In this module we do an initial workshop with you to cover:
What is FAST TV?
How does it differ from other distribution and monetization options?
What is required to launch a FAST TV offer?
Who are the key players? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
What are the opportunities?
What are best practices and benchmarks in the FAST TV market?
This module is delivered through online presentations from 2 of our senior consultants / partners and includes time for Q & A’s.
Required time: 1.5- 2.0 hours
Module 2: FAST TV Fitness Test
In this module we assess how fit your own business / product is for launching a FAST TV offer. We look at the various requirements for a FAST TV offer and how your organization can meet these requirements. We identify gaps, risks and opportunities.
This module includes a series of brief interviews with key stakeholders in your team / organization / or alternatively: the answering of a questionnaire/ working a check list; it will require some work from you and your team and will be guided by our consultants.
Timing: 2-3 weeks to collect data and to answer questions
Module 3: Race Track to FAST TV
Based on our findings from Module 2 we develop an individual basic outline of recommendations for your business or product on how you can enter the FAST TV market. The recommendation will outline some options, suggestions for partnerships (if required) and a list of requirements and success criteria.
This module will include a presentation of our recommendations with Q+As
Timing:: 1-2 weeks after end of Module 2; Presentation & Q+A session: : 60-90 minutes
Consulting Sprint: Fast Lane to FAST TV

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